Manager configuration

Here you can find informations about QLDS Manager configuration

Default values

Description Location
steamcmd ~/steamcmd
QL files ~/QLserver
Servers configuration ~/.qldsmanager/servers
Rcon configuration ~/.qldsmanager/rcon
Supervisord ~/.local/bin/supervisord
Supervisorctl ~/.local/bin/supervisorctl

Setting new values

To set new paths and file locations, run Manager like:

qldsmanager configure <arguments>


You can get list of available arguments with

qldsmanager configure --help

It will display help block

Available arguments are

Argument Type Description
--steamcmd Directory Location for SteamCMD
--ql Directory Location for QL server files
--servers File Server list configuration file
--rcon File Optional rcon list configuration file
--supervisor Executable Supervisord executable (eg.: /usr/bin/supervisord)
--supervisorctl Executable Supervisorctl executable (eg.: /usr/bin/supervisorctl)


You can set more than one argument at a time in any order, eg..:

qldsmanager configure --servers ~/qlds_servers --ql ~/qlds_ql_files